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My first film was FUTUREWORLD with Peter Fonda, Yul Brynner and Blythe Danner, directed by Richard Heffron.  I played an usher and got the sheer pleasure of opening the door for Blythe and her very young daughter at the time, Gwenyth Paltrow.  Now there’s some movie trivia I bet you didn’t know!

The first photo here by Dick Ballarian was taken in Paris at about 11pm. We waited  5 hours for the clothes to arrive from another shoot. I was ex-hausted as this was my second shoot that day. I also had a reservation at my favorite restaurant in Paris--L’Orangerie--where I was meeting a very good friend of mine and fabulous make-up artist--George Newell-- for dinner.

He waited forever for me to show up, the restaurant stayed open for us to have a private dinner with the place all to ourselves.

The Denis Piel photo on this page was for the collections for American Vogue. I loved this shoot because of the location and working with Denis---he was one of the very first photographers I worked with upon arriving in Paris in 1977. I also learned how to “Cow Tip” ---what a blast and the resident peacock followed me everywhere I went-he was dubbed “Ferdinand the Follower”

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acting       covers       ads       beauty       fashion

L’Oreal BIOLAGE campaign as seen by Wolfgang Ludes

H&M ad campaign  **

Nathaniel Goldberg for Brooks Brothers

Bob Krieger for GUCCI

James Weiss hair&make-up

CHANEL campaign shot by Arthur Elgort in Paris **

Qiana by DuPont shot by Gordon Munro  **

Steven Meisel for REVLON

Erreuno campaign shot by Renato Grignaschi

Valentino by Renato Grignaschi

Giorgoi Armani ad campaign shot by Gianpaolo Barbieri in Milan

Arthur Elgort for ANNE KLEIN footwear

The LIMITED campaign shot by Matthew Rolston

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest photographers in the world. On these ad pages I have selected a few of my favorite photos from some of those photographers.

I realize now how fortunate I am to have these images captured for me to review and remember that precise moment that the picture was taken.

Each one not only represents the fashion of the minute but a frame of a moment of my life and when strung together I can see ,thus far, it has been a great one!

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